Chariots from Heaven – Print 8.5X11in.


Tom’s tributes focus on events that touch his heart. Seeing the painting vision,

poetic words often soon follow. When read aloud, the emotion and rhythm of

the words emanate the true essence of his thoughts. Not all of Tom’s tributes

are accompanied with words.

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On August 12, 2014, a helicopter team bringing food and supplies, rescued handfuls of the Yazidi people

trapped on Mount Sinjar, in the Iraqi Kurdistan mountain range, Sinjar. Those who could, had fled for

their lives from their home to the mountain. There for days, they were in desperation conditions in

heat, without food and water, some were dying and some already had. Then appears a helicopter with

military throwing boxes of supplies and much needed food and water closeby. The helicopter landed

only a few short seconds, but long enough for a few Yazidi to make it aboard.

Tom’s tribute to the Yazidi people that day “Chariots From Heaven” was a result of the plight of these

desparate people. What did it feel like to hear the choppers? To run and hope to be one to make it

aboard? To leave those on the mountain behind not knowing if they would be seen again? and to flee

even further from the town called home where more of their family and friends were left. Tom’s rush

of words came quickly. Soon this tribute was shared among those effected by this emotional event.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in


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