It's an Honor!

Ohio Artist self portrait (1)

I have a deep personal appreciation for the Boy Scouts of America.

As a boy, the scouts often gave me encouragement when things weren’t going well.  If it had not been for the care and kindness of the leaders I would not have even had a uniform or been able to go to summer camp.  That meant the world to me back then, and still does today.

Even though things at home weren’t always so great, I managed to earn my Eagle Scout.  My last project was to lead the effort to create a shuffle board court out of an old cement slab in Round Lake Park, Illinois.  However, I joined the Navy at age 17 and my paperwork was not submitted.  I didn’t get that last badge, but I was proud then, and to this day, at how far the boy scouts had brought me.  Without them, and my grandfather, I’m not sure I’d be the person I am today.

I believe every child has the right to good childhood, and the Boy Scouts of America, their leaders, parents, and volunteers help this happen.   From my heart–THANK YOU.

As with all my art, it is my hope that you will “make good memories” with those you love and those around you.

You can see my work below.  Also available is a combination print (of my art) with a poem written by my wife Rachel. It was our privilege to read the poem and give each scout a copy of the combo print at our son’s Crossover Ceremony in 2004.  Our journey with the scouts continues today through our art and writing work and in our hearts.

Available for purchase! Greeting Card, Print, or Print and Poem Combo.

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